The Plane Invasion



The Plane Invasion was an exhibition of monumental endeavours, showcasing the work of sixty different creative practitioners. One linking element between each member of the ‘Plane Invaders’ was that each person has in some way been inspired or touched by the work, life and friendship of the late artist Orlagh Spain. 


In August 2012 Orlagh Spain, a Limerick-based artist from Tullamore, died too soon. Having graduated with first class honours from LSAD in Printmaking in June 2010 Orlagh’s first and final show was Anchorage; the Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery in 2011. 

The second linking element was a serendipitous finding of a collection of twenty five WW2 illustrated encyclopaedias, a genre of imagery which was influential in Orlagh’s practice. These books were shared among the participants to act as a foundation for the work and to achieve an overall thematic display. Feeling that a posthumous retrospective would not quite have suited the Orlagh Spain ethos, it was decided that a showcase of artists’ work in response to the life of Orlagh Spain was far more attractive and exciting. 


April 2015

Plan A Plan B

April 2015

Limerick City Gallery, Limerick


paired with Niamh Fahy


PLAN A + PLAN B Project is an innovative exhibition consisting of print works by 20 members and supporters of Limerick Printmakers.   The exhibition offers the 20 invited artists and includes artworks by each artist working individually (PLAN A) and another selection of artworks (PLAN B) which are the result of these same artists who joined together in pairs to produce in collaborating a single artwork per pair.

The goal of the PLAN A + PLAN B PROJECT is to provide the artists with a unique opportunity of artistic and technical collaboration and to provide the audiences with works that demonstrate the full range of contemporary printmaking styles and processes. 

24 hr Print Pop Up.

The idea came from Des Mac Mahon an active printmaker and Board member of Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery. The idea is to gather a group of printmakers, to provide them with printmaking facilities and a limited time span of 24 hours to make work and see what could be produced and achieved, similtaneously providing access to the public through visiting the workshops while the work is being produced, and through 24 hour online streaming, to follow the progress of the artists making the work.  At the end of the 24 hour period the work which has been made, is hung and exhibited for the following week. Projects have taken place in Limerick Printmakers Studio & Gallery, Cork Printmakers, Ireland and Factoria Cultural, Aviles, Spain..

Limerick Printmakers May 2015 

Aviles North Spain 2012

From Print to Postcard- Limerick's Ghost stories

Feb 2015


A partnership between Limerick City of Culture - Kiosk Project, Limerick Printmakers and Stephanie Reilly's ‘Pop Up Print’, delivered by local artists Pamela Dunne and Isabella Walsh.

Come to the kiosk and share a ghost story relating to Limerick, a city steeped in uncanny folklore and tradition. From the modern to the historic we are looking to record your own personal 'ghost stories'. Everything from seeing that mysterious figure in the corner that appears just before a death to the unexplained movements of objects around a room.


Isabella and Pamela will look to capture the essence of the story using a combination of imagery and words which will be transferred onto a plate and then traditionally printed on blank homemade postcards. Each image will be printed in an edition of 3, each with a unique purpose.

- Participants will receive their print by post.
- Limerick city of culture will be sent an edition by post
- One edition will travel to galleries around the country by post.

Galleries nationwide will receive a random selection of prints from the collection.

An exhibition of all the pieces will take place in the Kiosk on the 28th of February where people can see their story on show, in a relaxed atmosphere, and can share, elaborate on, and perhaps connect their story with others.


Cuisle Poetry Festival

Oct 2014




A Door into the Dark: Limerick Printmakers  artists interpret poetry, Rutland St., Limerick.


The Penny Further.

June 2014


Design and Build team: Kevin O' Keefe, Pamela Dunne, Kate O' Shea & Pat O' Mahony. 
The bike that prints is one of the pop up printmaking projects commissioned by Limerick Printmakers, City of Culture and LSAD masters students Stephanie O' Reilly.

Ex-Wrestlers Collective

The Ex Wrestlers Collective is a ever changing group of Limerick based artists brought together by Pamela Dunne. Previous members were Gemma Dardis, Pamela Dunne, Patrick Keaveney, Kevin O Keeffe, Gillian Kenny, Des MacMahon, Derek O'Sullivan and Fiona Quill.

The Ex Wrestlers Collective came about after a drunken night of bodyslamming in our local pub. After being barred from said pub we put our wrestling days behind us and concentrated on our first love, making art. Our first exhibition is 5th May 2011 in Platform Arts, Belfast. The exhibition is called Distance 172(miles). .....Watch out for more interesting projects coming soon........​

Platform Arts, Queen St,  Belfast 2011

Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains is an Exhibiton that was run by Delete Press. Delete Press  is a not for Profit group of Printmakers set up by Des MacMahon whose purpose is to promote the use of printmaking as a tool for communication and  as a method of social commentary. 

 A mixed group of students and professional printmakers were each given a 4ft x 4ft sheet of MDF and asked  make work under the theme of Heroes and Villains. Once the woodblocks were cut the pieces were taken outside onto the street and printed using a Garden Steam Roller.

Steam Roller, Music and Printmaking what more could you ask for?

Limerick Printmakers Studio and Gallery, Limerick.​